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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy
Las unidades de negocio del grupo, Tecopy Ingeniería y Tecopy Formación, refuerzan su posicionamiento con el mantenimiento de sus sellos de prevención y seguridad de la información.

Throughout the month of May, Tecopysa faced the occupational risk prevention audit in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001, which expresses the requirements of an occupational health and safety management system, an audit that was successfully passed .

Keeping a standard of such a reputation certified is a symbol of commitment and promotes the continuous improvement of the company in this specific area. Once again, the auditors of the certifying company have positively valued the set of actions and methodologies implemented for the management of the risks and dangers of the different jobs of the company, as well as the dynamism of the communication through the different company channels and tools.

The plan of measures to avoid contagion derived from Covid19 has been one of the company’s main commitments, and its effectiveness and guarantee have also been validated by external auditors and the external prevention service, who have congratulated the company for the excellent organization, coordination and communication, with and towards the employees of the different offices of the company.

For its part, Enclave achieves the maintenance of the ISO 27001 certificate on information security management. The new certifying company with which it has collaborated has especially valued the work derived from the administration of telematic communications, the methodology of asset management and risk assessment, as well as the monitoring system for traffic management and monitoring of the different infrastructures and servers, both specific and corporate.

From the Management, the collaboration of all the workers involved in maintaining the quality seals is appreciated, which grant prestige, safety and improvement in the set of procedures and with a very significant impact on the general strategy of the company.

These stamps confer quality and solvency, so let’s continue in this line!


UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Enclave Formación

ISO 45001:2018 Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo Tecopysa