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¡Ya tenemos ganador del i concurso del medio ambiente!

As you remember, June 5, 2022 was World Environment Day, and we promoted a campaign – contest for all Grupo Tecopy professionals, as a voluntary and supportive activity, for those who desearanjoin and collaborate with us in contributing to this great cause and initiative such as caring for the environment.

First of all, we want to congratulate and thank the people who have participated and have been involved in this contest, dedicating their time, their effort and their talent. For this reason, we want to value the effort and perseverance of these professionals who have voluntarily participated in the campaign, making this event a reality of exceptional quality.

Congratulations to the winner, Javier Lorenzo, from the Geospatial Analysis and Earth Observation – Análisis Geoespacial y Observación de la Tierra – (AGEO) area with his ” low-poly ” proposal, artistic design with an isometric view, where he intends to reflect that from AGEO (and therefore from the Grupo TECOPY ) try to simplify the way of seeing nature, but always keeping all the details that make it so beautiful. For this reason, different biomes make up the company logo, referring to the commitment we have with the environment.

A very interesting proposal where he has managed to combine his professional activity with the beauty of nature and the environment.

Javier, enjoy the Ecologic Kit ! You have certainly done an amazing job.

From the Group’s department of communication we encourage you to keep participating in these type of events that we organize with all our dedication, and with the purpose of waking up the creativity of the full staff, as well as making the communication channels of the company more dynamic


Javier Lorenzo,  winner of the 1st environmental competition