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Tecopysa Cotesa Enclave Fundación Tecopy

As you may remember, before the Christmas holidays last year 2021 we promoted a campaign – contest for all Tecopy Group professionals, as a relaxed activity, which helped us to disconnect from the end of the year workload, as well as the health complications of the moment. This activity was also intended to strengthen and energise communication within Grupo Tecopy.

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate and thank the people who took part in this competition, dedicating their time, effort and talent to designing initiatives linking the magic of Christmas with Grupo Tecopy. We would therefore like to highlight the effort and perseverance of these professionals who voluntarily participated in the campaign, making this event a reality of exceptional quality.

First of all, we would like to thank Aurora López, our Cotesa colleague at the Boecillo headquarters, who, since joining Cotesa, has been successfully promoting the Advanced Technology Solutions and Services Business Line. Thank you for sharing the illusion of Christmas in your video and giving us wonderful and precious tips to take care of our health and to enjoy with our loved ones.

For her part, Iva Plamenova, in charge of boosting the digital image and dynamizing the communication channels of Grupo Tecopy, from Zamora, delighted us with a cheerful video, fun and funny, as well as original and daring. We are sure that we all put on a big smile when we saw her on the screen, having a conversation with Santa Claus next to the Tecopy-Tree!

Finally, from the Geospatial Analysis Area of Cotesa, in the headquarters of Madrid, our colleague Eduardo Rosado, project coordinator of this department, has made an EXQUISITE WINNING PROPOSAL OF THIS CONTEST, for being the one that has received the most votes from the colleagues of the company. Thank you Eduardo for sharing your idea of Christmas from such an innovative and original perspective, through that NAVI-MAP tree and the special “CARTO” to the Three Wise Kings, tremendously clarifying to understand the essence and work of the area.

From the bottom of our hearts, we feel that ALL THREE OF YOU ARE WINNERS! Because what we value most is commitment, effort and perseverance, as well as the desire to move forward, even in more convulsive times like the ones we are living, where illusion, joy and motivation are essential to achieve that goal. This is reflected in your proposals and in your daily work, and your attitude is to be thanked and applauded.

Enjoy your gift, because without a doubt, you are clearly deserving of it!

Finally, we would like to encourage you to participate in future campaigns and events promoted within Grupo Tecopy, which aim to bring us closer to the staff, foster teamwork and strengthen communication.