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Geoclad, a geothermal energy management platform


Project Code: Expo 00113552 / CIIP-20182010

Project Aims

The GAOLED project is based on the design of a cloud-based processing system that enables simulations relating to the infrastructures that use geothermal energy (to generate energy and for the use and control of the heat obtained). The central component will be a mass parallel calculation engine to conduct simulations for geothermal power plant and distribution system designs or simulations as well as monitoring based on advanced flow simulation models. Since it is a cloud-based application, it will allow the storage, administration and distribution of the calculation results functionally, quickly and without the client having to invest in high-tech equipment. Thus, the system must feature mechanisms that allow remote access to the resources offered.
The specific aims COTESA is responsible for under this project will be related to the scaling and distribution of the calculation capability and SaaS and IaaS exploitation of the technology. To do so, the following objectives must be fulfilled:

The construction of a backend server the implements a simulation service for use by client
The construction of a user interface for access to the remote simulation capabilities. The web-based interface will act as a backend client
The construction of an identification and authorization component that makes it possible to apply the different commercial models described. The GEOCLAD project consortium is made up of two SMEs: TEA SISTEMI (Italy) and COTESA (Spain)

Start Date:


End Date:



322.260,00 euros.

Project Funding Authorities

A project co-funded by CDTI (International Inter-Enterprises sub-programme) which contributes to the European Union for the Eurostars-2 joint programme co-funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.