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“eXtrapolated Resolution Automatic Image Scouting”

Project objectives:

The objective of the X-RAIS project is the generation of a single tool that allows the automatic obtaining of objects and/or cartographic elements in a precise and fast way in a large extension of the territory with accuracy greater than 90% using new techniques such as super-resolution and Artificial Intelligence.

The proposed solution proposes the generation of high-resolution images from the products of the Sentinel 2 program, using high-resolution images for algorithm training. This will make it possible to obtain images of 2 to 2.5 meters per pixel every five days from the original 10-meter images. The application of super-resolution to the aforementioned images is one of the main challenges of the project where the benefits that are expected to be obtained will be a differential factor, not only applicable in the identification of objects, but also in the generation of traditional cartographic products, managing to reduce the high acquisition costs.

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Financing Organizations of the project:

Project co-financed by RED.ES under the Multi-regional Operational Program (Programa Operativo Plurirregional) of Spain 2014-2020 FEDER, CCI 2014ES16RFOP002 (POPE).